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"Excited Delirium" by Bill Marable

Excited Delirium

(for Elijah McClain)

Coroner reports his death as “excited delirium” tackle innocence Manhandle Asphyxia tackle 'Mama' breathless 'Oops' Tackle his death as “excited delirium” reports coroner 5/3/2024

Bill Marable is a member of the Griot Collective of West Tennessee, a poetry workshop in his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee. His poetry has appeared in The Coffee House Letters (Lambuth College), The Skinny Poetry Anthology (Cherry Castle Publishing) and most recently The Pierian Literary Journal (Albany State University). In addition, he has amassed a number of “Honorable Mentions” in poetry contests locally, as well as on the National level: The 2019 National Poetry Month Contest, Jackson State Community College's Spilled Ink: 2022 edition, and several appearances in the Detroit Writer’s Guild, among notable others.

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